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Round of 32: Last draw on Thursday

Round of 32: final draw on thursday

UEFA Women's Champions League owners Lyon are among the 15 teams so far and into the draw round of 16 at 12:00&#39 on Tuesday at CET&#39. until: With Vålerenga&#39 visiting Brøndby&#39 in a one-leg match on Thursday Another draw will be made.

one legged tie

Thursday, February 11
Brøndby – Valerenga

second legs

2020 final highlights: Wolfsburg 1-3 Lyon

Highlights in the 2020 final: Wolfsburg 1-3 Lyon

  • Lyon saw Juventus&#39 win 24 out of 24 in 12 seasons of 32 rounds (to be replaced in the new format from 2021/22&#39, including a group stage with 16 teams).
  • Last season's runner-up Wolfsburg and defeated semi-finalists Paris and Barcelona were also relieved, as did Bayern and Atlético&#39, both of which fell in the last eight in 2019/20&#39.
  • Servette and PSV lost their first European ties to Atlético and Barça, which Lieke Martens&#39 attacked twice on his birthday.
  • Daniele Sabatino added five minutes to extra time to send Fiorentina&#39 from Slavia&#39.
  • Manchester City smashed Gothenburg&#39's hopes of making it to the final with Chelsea in their home town.
  • Lanchkhuti, the first Georgian side to survive one round of this competition, made it to Rosengård&#39, who may yet be a Swedish finalist, in Gothenburg&#39.
  • Minsk missed a famous comeback at LSK&#39, but has secured a comeback via their home league next season, like Gothenburg, which was knocked out by another side this round.
  • Fortuna advanced for the 11th time out of these 12 attempts to exist so far in 32 laps as Lyon and Brøndby.
  • Last season's quarter-finalists Glasgow City have relegated to another club, Sparta Praha&#39, with their last eight experience.
  • st. Pölten passed 16 laps for the first time on the seventh attempt. So far they are the only team to make their last 16 salute and the only one left from the qualifying rounds, but if they pass Brøndby&#39 for the first time, Vålerenga can match them.
  • The 16 draw rounds will be held on February 16, with the draw scheduled for 3/4 and 10/11 March&#39.
Lyon paid tribute to their technical director Gérard Houllier, who died on Monday, before kick-off against Juventus

london, via Getty Images Juventus Icon Sport'a He paid tribute to their manager Gérard Houllier&#39, who died on Monday before the kick-off.

Thursday, December 17
Zurich 0-1 St.Pölten (ng: 0-3)

Wednesday, December 16
BIIK-Kazygurt 1-0 WFC-2 Kharkiv (agg: 2-2, BIIK away goals win)
Slavia Praha 0-1 Fiorentina (agg: 2-3)
Paris Saint-Germain 6-1 Górnik Łęczna (agg: 8-1)
Manchester City 3-0 Gothenburg (ng: 5-1)
Barcelona 4-1 PSV Eindhoven
(agg: 8-2)
Bayern Munich 3-0 Ajax (agg: 6-1)
Wolfsburg 2-0 Spartak Subotica (agg: 7-0)
Rosengård 10-0 Lanchkhuti
(agg: 17-0)
LSK Kvinner 0-1 Minsk
(agg: 2-1)
Fortuna Hjorring 3-2 Pomurje (agg: 6-2)
Chelsea 3-0 Benfica (ng: 8-0)
Glasgow City 0-1 Sparta Praha (agg: 1-3)

Tuesday, December 15
Lyon 3-0 Juventus (agg: 6-2)
Atlético Madrid 5-0 Servette (agg: 9-2)

first legs

Watch the top five goals of the 2020 finals

Watch the top five goals of the 2020 finals

  • Juventus managed Lyon#39 twice but their owners turned the game to score 23 out of 23 wins in the 32 game round.
  • Last season's runner-up Wolfsburg took a comfortable win at Spartak Subotica&#39, which kept them 0-0 at this stage five years ago.
  • Last quarter-finalists Sparta Praha took a 2-1 win over Glasgow City, which made their second round of the 2019/20 season.
  • Fran Kirby's first goal at Benfica's #39 made it Chelsea's all-time top scorer.
  • FIFA Women's World Cup champion Sam Mewis was the winner in Manchester City&#39's first competition in a comeback victory.
  • Both Spanish sides took the lead against their first game – Barcelona are victories 4-1 in PSV&#39 and Atlético, who beat Servette twice, but 4-2 with a key goal from Deyna Castellanos, only second in the competition from Venezuela. won.
  • Paris won their first game 2-0 at Górnik Łęczna&#39, facing last season's other four semi-finalists Lyon, Wolfsburg and Barcelona.
Fiorentina knocked out Slavia with a last-gasp goal

Fiorentina, Pavel Jirik'in knocked out Slavia&#39 with his last breath goal

Thursday, December 10
Fiorentina 2-2 Slavia Praha
Górnik Łęczna 0-2 Paris Saint-Germain
Ajax 1-3 Bayern Munich

Wednesday, December 9
Lanchkhuti 0-7 Rosengård
Minsk 0-2 LSK Kvinner
WFC-2 Kharkiv 2-1 BIIK-Kazygurt
Pomurje 0-3 Fortuna Hjorring
Spartak Subotica 0-5 Wolfsburg
Juventus 2-3 Lyon
Sparta Praha 2-1 Glasgow City
Benfica 0-5 Chelsea
Gothenburg 1-2 Manchester City
PSV Eindhoven 1-4 Barcelona
St.Pölten 2-0 Zurich
Servet 2-4 Atlético Madrid

Sparta are back in the round of 16 after beating Glasgow City

Sparta, Glasgow City Getty Images'i returned in the 16th round after beating


Lyon They became the first team to win both seven titles and five consecutive titles last season.

Juventus The stadium staged the Italian club's opening leg against Lyon, the first UEFA Women's Champions League match on the field, which will host the 2022 final.

Watch highlights of Lyon's seven final wins and trophy lifts

Watch Lyon&#39 win seven finals and lift trophies

• The only other former champion competing in this round, runner-up from last season Wolfsburg is #39 . barcelona , Fortuna Hjorring and Paris Saint-Germain previous finalists.

Brondby ,   Lyon , Fortuna Hjorring The , is always ready in round 32 introduced in 2009 / 10' Sparta Praha and Zurich will take place for the 11th time in 12 seasons.

Brondby He's vying for a record-breaking 18th season and is the only side to take part in the knockout stage in many campaigns.

• Last season's quarterfinalists Glasgow City won both elimination draws on penalties; Adding Brøndby&#39's last 16 scalps in the 2019/20 season, they became the first team to win by three shots in this competition.

• The first to start in round 32 matches : PSV Eindhoven , in fortune .

• First to qualify players playing : Benfica , Valerenga , lanchkhuti .

lanchkhuti , became the first Georgian side to win a match in this competition in the opening qualifying round.

Gornik Łęczna and Kharkiv in 32 laps for the first time.

Tournament calendar

Last 16 draw: February 16
Last 16: 3/4 and 10/11 March
Quarter-final and semi-final draw: 12 March
Quarterfinals: 23/24 March and 31 March / 1 April
Semi-finals: 24/25 April and 1/2 May
Final: 16 May 2021 (Gamla Ullevi, Gothenburg)

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