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UEFA Futsal Champions League technical report

uefa futsal champions league technical report read the whitepaper

The official technical report of the 2019/20 UEFA Futsal Champions League, which took second place with its new look, can now be viewed online.

Read the UEFA Futsal Champions League whitepaper

It took 19 seasons for the dominating country to train both finalists, and it was Barça who moved to Spain and beat Murcia FS 2-1 in a game played in October due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Spain also joined UEFA's Technical Observer to Palau Blaugrana, Miguel Rodrigo, a two-time AFC Futsal Championship winner with Japan, AFF Futsal Championship winner with Thailand, and a former head coach of the Vietnam national futsal team. He paid close attention to the trends and results of an event that the winning coach Andreu Plaza declared as “the most important title of my life”.

He had to wait four years for this, but he finally found the winning formula at home. “For a coach who has been training for years, this is the greatest award you can expect,” Plaza told

Quick set plays: analysis

Quick set games: analysis

That experience shone along with unprecedented factors by the last four teams in pursuit of success as they led Barça to victory in an abnormal year. This provided additional information to create a technical report that should inspire emerging futsal coaches to see how and where the criteria in the game are set.

The fine legwork, skills and execution of some of futsal's biggest global players, along with a variety of coaching techniques and approaches, have come under the microscope with interesting and sometimes surprising results, especially in relation to set play.

As teams continue to increase the complexity of dead ball drills, efforts to defend them have also seen evolutionary strides, and this year's report also described and detailed the now customary Roster of the Tournament – 14 players. Which caught Miguel Rodrigo's attention in a certain way.

2019/20 UEFA Futsal Champions League Tournament Roster

Dídac Plana (GK, Barça), Leonardo Gugiel (GK, Tyumen), Romulo (KPRF), Nando (KPRF), Sergei Abramovich (Tyumen), Alberto García (Murcia), Sergio Lozano (Barça), Lin (KPRF), Artem Niyazov (KPRF), Arser Bagirov (KPRF), Bruno Taffy (Tyumen), Ivan Milovanov (Tyumen), Rafa Santos (Murcia), Ferrao (Barça)

Although delayed from its original schedule in April, the 2019/20 UEFA Futsal Champions League final four was definitely worth the wait, and the technical report covers the tiniest details behind Barça's victory.

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