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France qualifiers: state of play

france qualifiers: state of play

The sides of 53 UEFA member federations are competing to participate in the UEFA European Under-21 Championship, hosted by Hungary and Slovenia in the 16-team finals. Nine group winners and top five runners-up will qualify.

Qualifiers confirmed so far : Hungary (co-hosts), Slovenia (co-hosts), Switzerland, France, England*, Russia*, Spain*, Netherlands, Denmark* (seven teams to be confirmed)

* Confirmed group winners

Qualified tables

Group 1

Point : Italy (19), Republic of Ireland (16), Sweden (15), Iceland (15), Armenia (3), Luxembourg (3)

Sunday, November 15 : Republic of Ireland – Iceland, Luxembourg – Italy
Tuesday, November 17 : Luxembourg – Republic of Ireland, Italy – Sweden
It is cancelled : Armenia – Sweden, Armenia – Iceland

▪ Italy , will qualify if they beat Luxembourg on Sunday.

▪ Republic of Ireland , Sweden and Iceland he can still qualify but depends on the results of his opponents' matches.

▪ Armenia and Luxembourg cannot qualify.

Switzerland are heading to the finals after beating Liechtenstein

Switzerland, Liechtenstein Getty Images'i Going to the final after beating

Group 2

Point : Switzerland (27), France (24), Georgia (15), Slovakia (9), Azerbaijan (6), Liechtenstein (3)

Monday, November 16 : France-Switzerland
Tuesday, November 17 : Slovakia – Liechtenstein

▪ Switzerland qualified (at least the second best).

▪ France qualified (at least the second best). To finish first, France&#39 must beat Switzerland&#39 by 2-0 or by three or more.

▪ Georgia , Slovakia , Azerbaijan and Liechtenstein cannot qualify.

3. Group

Point : England (25), Austria (15), Albania (14), Turkey (10), Kosovo (9), Andorra (5)

Tuesday, November 17 : England – Albania, Turkey – Kosovo, Austria – Andorra

▪ England qualified to be the group winner.

▪ Austria If it matches the result of Albania&#39 on Tuesday, they will be in second place.

▪ Albania He will take second place if he improves the result of Austria&#39 on Tuesday.

Turkey , Kosovo and Andorra cannot qualify.

4th group

Croatia put ten goals past San Marino then beat Greece

Croatia beat San Marino and scored ten goals, followed by Greece Getty Images'i he won

Point : Czech Republic (21), Scotland (18), Croatia (17), Greece (13), Lithuania (10), San Marino (0)

Tuesday, November 17 : Greece – Scotland, Croatia – Lithuania

Czech Republic finished in the top two places and will qualify as the group winner if Scotland&#39 fails to beat Greece&#39.

Scotland , will qualify as the group winner if he beats Greece&#39 on Tuesday. If they do not win, they will be in the top two places if Croatia does not win.

▪ Croatia If they beat Lithuania and Scotland fail to win, they will be in the top two.

Greece , Lithuania and San Marino cannot qualify.

Group 5

Point : Russia (23), Poland (17), Bulgaria (15), Serbia (12), Estonia (5), Latvia (4)

Tuesday, November 17 : Bulgaria – Estonia, Poland – Latvia

▪ Russia qualified to be the group winner.

▪ Poland , will be runner-up if they beat Latvia &#39 or if Bulgaria fails to beat Estonia &#39.

▪ Bulgaria , will be second if they beat Estonia &#39 and Poland fails to beat Latvia &#39.

▪ Serbia , Estonia and Latvia cannot qualify.

group 6

Point : Spain (25), North Macedonia (15), Israel (13), Kazakhstan (10), Montenegro (7), Faroe Islands (6)

Tuesday, November 17 : North Macedonia – Montenegro, Spain – Israel, Kazakhstan – Faroe Islands

▪ Spain qualified to be the group winner.

▪ North Macedonia , will be runner-up if they beat Montenegro or Israel fails to beat Spain &#39.

Israel If he beats Spain&#39, North Macedonia will be second if he beats Montenegro&#39. If Israel wins and North Macedonia draw, the teams will be split based on the overall goal difference (North Macedonia currently six goals better), then goals scored, then away goals, then discipline points (both teams on equal footing based on other possible criteria) .

▪ Kazakhstan , Montenegro and Faroe Islands cannot qualify.

Group 7

Netherlands made it eight wins from eight against Cyprus

Netherlands wins eight out of eight against Cyprus&#39 Getty Images

Point : Netherlands (24), Portugal (21), Norway (10), Belarus (8), Cyprus (7), Gibraltar (0)

Sunday, November 15 : Portugal – Cyprus, Netherlands – Belarus,
Wednesday, November 18 : Portugal – Netherlands, Gibraltar – Cyprus
It is cancelled : Gibraltar – Norway, Norway – Belarus

▪ Netherlands qualified (at least as one of the second best).

▪ Portugal' Guaranteed to be in the top two places. If they beat Cyprus #39 on Sunday, they will qualify to be at least one of the runners-up.

▪ Norway , Belarus , Cyprus and Gibraltar cannot qualify.

Group 8

Point : Denmark (25), Romania (19), Ukraine (10), Finland (10), Northern Ireland (9), Malta (1)

Tuesday, November 17 : Romania – Denmark, Ukraine – Northern Ireland, Malta – Finland

▪ Denmark , qualified to be the group winner.

▪ Romania will be second.

▪ Ukraine , Finland , North Ireland and Malta cannot qualify.

Germany beat Moldova then Bosnia and Herzegovina to move top of Group 9

Germany defeated Moldova&#39 and then Bosnia-Herzegovina&#39 to reach the top of Group 9&#39. rose Getty Images

Group 9

Point : Germany (15), Belgium (13), Bosnia and Herzegovina (8), Moldova (7), Wales (6)

Tuesday, November 17 : Bosnia and Herzegovina – Belgium, Germany – Wales

▪ Germany He is confident that he will be in the top two places and will qualify on Tuesday if he beats Wales or Belgium fails to beat Bosnia and Herzegovina.

▪ Belgium' make sure they will be in the top two places and if they beat Bosnia and Herzegovina&#39 on Tuesday and Germany doesn't beat Wales&#39 they will qualify on Tuesday.

▪ Bosnia and Herzegovina , Moldova and Wales cannot qualify.

All information in this article is subject to final approval by UEFA. These examples may not cover all possible situations.

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