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Hegerberg is the top scorer of all time

Hegerberg is the all-time top scorer.

Ada Hegerberg broke Anja Mittag's UEFA women's club rivalry record with two goals in Lyon's 100th match in Europe's #39, and then in her 50th match in her next match.

Retired in May 2019, German striker Mittag was the first player to score 50 goals for Rosengård in the 32nd round against Olimpia Cluj on 11 October 2017 in the #39, and became the first player to score 50 goals in the UEFA Women's Champions League on 11 October 2017 in the #39. . After playing at first club Turbine Potsdam and Paris Saint-Germain and Wolfsburg, he moved for his first spell at Swedish team Rosengård, to which he returned.

It took 68 games to score 50 goals but Hegerberg only needed 49/#39 when he netted a penalty in the round of 16 in October 2019&#39 to Fortuna Hjørring&#39, which later equaled Mittag&#39's final 51/#39. Hegerberg took it to 52' and then 53 in the second leg two weeks later.

Hegerberg bought two in Europe for Stabæk and Turbine Potsdam before joining Lyon in 2014#39; We're looking at the all-time top 10&#39 of the competition.

1 Island Hegerberg (Stabæk / Turbine Potsdam / Lyon) 53
With four titles at the age of 24 in Lyon, Hegerberg is threatening to rewrite the competition record books, as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi did in the men's UEFA Champions League. The Norwegian player played just 37 games to score 37 goals and set a record 14&#39 in 15 games in the 2017/18 season, two ahead of the goal Hegerberg Lyon achieved in their 2015/16 victory. His final hat-trick in 2019'#39 promoted him to the top four ahead of clubmates past and present and stunned Marta in Ryazan-VDV#39 to open 2019/20&#39. The second leg goals for Lyon, a new single club record, were 44th and 45th in Europe. In the next match, Lyon finished 100'th and only 49'th, leveling with Mittag, breaking the record with two goals in Hegerberg&#39's 50th European appearance.

Anja Mittag at Potsdam

Anja Mittag in Potsdam © Getty Images

2 Anja Mittag (Turbine Potsdam / Rosengård / Paris Saint-Germain / Wolfsburg) 51
Mittag scored for Potsdam in the 2005 final against Djurgården&#39 and was also part of Turbine&#39's 2010 win before moving to Sweden&#39. Moving to Paris a year ago, Mittag recaptured his 49th European goal against Örebro in Sweden's #39, but failed to reach 50/#39 before moving on to Wolfsburg as a newly minted Olympic gold medalist. He failed to score in Europe in six matches for his new club before returning to Rosengård in 2017&#39. Now retired, his success in hitting 50 goals wasn't matched until Hegerberg did it five months later.

3 Conny Pohlers (Turbine Potsdam / FFC Frankfurt / Wolfsburg) 48
Pohlers scored 14 goals on the way to victory in Potsdam's first season of 2004/05; this is a record only since 2008/09&#39 paired with Margrét Lára Vidarsdóttir and 2014/15&#39 with Célia Šašić from Frankfurt. After joining Frankfurt&#39, Pohlers scored three goals in the 2008 final and added two more titles to Wolfsburg in the final two seasons of 2012/13 and 2013/14. Pohlers&#39's 48 goals tally took just 45 games, ten less than Mittag&#39's need to reach this tally.

4 Eugénie Le Sommer (Lyon) 47
Le Sommer was part of Lyon's seven wins and scored in three finals. He played in the first two European matches against AZ Alkmaar in the 2010/11 season and away in the 2012 and 2018 finals. He scored three goals with Wolfsburg in the 2018/19 quarter-finals 40 and last- four hits against Chelsea&#39 meant he entered one of Abily&#39, in Le Sommer&#39's 70&#39th appearance at home Ryazan-VDV&#39's 2019/20 round 32 He was equalized by a goal in the second match and was behind Fortuna&#39 two more times in the opening match. She leveled up with Marta in the last 16&#39 with a second standing hit and opened the score against Wolfsburg in the final, outpacing her.

5 Marta (Umeå / Tyresö / Rosengård) 46
In Rosengård, Mittag replaced Marta as he returned to the United States with Orlando Pride. The Brazilian striker was 18 when he made a European broadcast for Umeå and scored three more goals in both legs of the 2003/04 semi-final win against Brøndby&#39 and in Frankfurt&#39's two losses in the final. Surprisingly, Marta never lifted the trophy again, losing the finals with Umeå in 2007 and 2008&#39, and then with Tyresö in 2014' Marta then scored five goals, including four goals in Rosengård&#39's 2014/15 quarter-final run and 16 hat-tricks against Verona&#39 next season.

6 Camille Abily (Montpellier / Lyon) 43
Abily&#39's 40th, 41st and 42nd goals (all for Lyon) were scored on 15 November 2017&#39, not only equaling retired Emma Byrne&#39's 77 game competitive appearance record tonight (Wendie Renard, 2018/19 semi-finals) but he also surpassed former clubmate Lotta Schelin's previous bests for a single team in this competition (since being defeated by Hegerberg). The versatile midfielder and attacker who helped Montpellier reach the 2005/06 semi-finals joined Lyon for a three-year spell and returned in 2010-#39 because Abily helped them win a record five titles. And this 43rd goal was the goal that made the 2018 final 4-1 against Wolfsburg&#39 in Abily&#39's bid farewell to the bench.

7 Lotta Schelin (Lyon / Rosengård) 42
Swedish striker Schelin - like Mittag, Marta and Nina Burger - may never have topped the scorer's list, but consistent goal scoring was a feature of Lyon&#39's campaigns, where they managed three titles in eight seasons. This includes victories in 2011, 2012 and 2016&#39, but strangely he failed to score in Schelin&#39's four final matches.

After Wolfsburg&#39's last defeat in 2016&#39, he withdrew from Lyon&#39 to return to Sweden and changed the penalty shootout. By then, he had surpassed Burger&#39 as the top scorer for a single club in that competition, and advanced to 41&#39 with strikes in both legs of the semi-final against Mittag&#39's Paris&#39 (a record now taken by Abily). Schelin joined Rosengård&#39 in the summer of 2016 and opened a European account there soon after. He retired in August 2018&#39.

8 Nina Burger (Neulengbach) 40
Austrian forward Burger made some history in the 2014/15 season as the first player to score 40 goals for a team in the UEFA women's clubs competition, returning to Neulengbach from a spell in the United States with Houston Dash. He finished his career with Sand in the German Frauen-Bundesliga in 2019&#39.

Long-time rankings leader Hanna Ljungberg

Longtime ranking leader Hanna Ljungberg © Sportsfile

9 Hanna Ljungberg (Umea) 39
The single club record had long been held by Ljungberg, and indeed the Swedish striker remained at the top of the all-time competition standings for ten years, from 2002 / 03' when he scored ten points while taking his first title at Umeå, until Pohlers finally overhauled him in 2012&#39. / 13. Had his injury remained intact and finally ended Ljungberg's career in July 2009, he would have definitely led the table in Europe by scoring one point per game.

10 Inca Grings (Duisburg / Zurich) 38
His loyalty to Duisburg means that Grings didn't play in Europe until his victorious debut in 2008/09&#39. Zvezda-2005 fell to the ground running 12 in this campaign, including a final first leg hat-trick in 2005&#39. Grings continued to score freely and took first place in the standings with 13 goals in 2010 / 11&#39. Grings moved to Zurich&#39 and added four more in 2012/13&#39. 38 European goals, a typical strike rate for his career as a whole, where he scored more than 500 for club and country, came in just 29 games. He coached Duisburg and spent 2017 / 18 in the head of Viktoria Köln's U17 men's team.

Even if the clubs did not score, they only showed the players represented in Europe. Numbers correct as of 12/17/2020

Season by season's top scorers
2019/20: Vivianne Miedema (Arsenal), Emueje Ogbiagbevha (Minsk), Berglind Thorvaldsdóttir (Breidablik) 10
2018/19: Pernille Harder (Wolfsburg) 8
2017/18: Ada Hegerberg (Lyon) 15
2016/17: Zsanett Jakabfi (Wolfsburg), Vivianne Miedema (Bayern München) 8
2015/16: Ada Hegerberg (Lyon) 13
2014/15: Célia Šašić (FFC Frankfurt) 14
2013/14: Milena Nikolić (ŽFK Spartak) 11
2012/13: Laura Rus (Apollo Limassol) 11
2011/12: Camille Abily, Eugénie Le Sommer (both Lyon) 9
2010/11: Inka Grings (Duisburg) 13
2009/10: Vanessa Bürki (Bayern München) 11
2008/09: Margrét Lára Vidarsdóttir (Valur Reykjavík) 14
2007/08: Vira Dyatel (Kharkiv), Patrizia Panico (Bardolino Verona), Margrét Lára Vidarsdóttir (Valur Reykjavík) 9
2006/07: Julie Fleeting (Arsenal) 9
2005/06: Margrét Lára Vidarsdóttir (Valur Reykjavík) 11
2004/05: Conny Pohlers (Turbine Potsdam) 14
2003/04: Maria Gstöttner (Neulengbach) 11
2002/03: Hanna Ljungberg (Umeå) 10
2001/02: Gabriela Enache (Codru Anenii Noi) 12

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