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Hegerberg's new Lyon deal: their record

hegerberg's new lyon deal: records

Ada Hegerberg became the top UEFA women's club goalscorer of all time in November 2019&#39, and although the Lyon striker started this year with her ACL breakout, she is ending with an OL contract extended until 2024&#39 looking to the future. We list many achievements. A player who broke career records before the age of 25

Ada Hegerberg tipped off 15-year-old Kolbotn's success as she made her debut in senior Norway&#39, and has since given her and Lyon's third-place finish in the 2017/18 UEFA Women's Champions League with a record 15 in #39, with more than 300/#39 achieved his career goal. consecutive victory. She was voted UEFA&#39's Europe'Best Actress in 2015 / 16' and at the opening ceremony of the 2018 women's Ballon d'Or'we salute a player with a career goal tally envied by strikers ten years older than a player. He's still barely in his mid-20s.

what do they say
"Ada's physical and mental strength is above the norm. He is on his way to becoming the best player in the world."
Jean-Marie Aulas, president of Lyon

"He's a young player, but he's already a great player. It's impressive how mature he is in his game. He's an outstanding striker."
Camille Abily, captain of Lyon

"He has unusual qualities. It's impressive how he managed to make history in such a short time."
Eugénie Le Sommer, Lyon offensive

Hegerberg voted Best Women's Player in Europe 2015/16

Hegerberg named 2015/16 Europe's Best Actress

Current scoreboard (until 18 December 2020&#39)
International: 66 matches, 38 goals
UEFA club competition: 50 matches, 53 goals
Domestic competition: 221 matches, 229 goals

Claims to fame
• Only 15 years old, she assisted Norway in the 2011 UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship final.

• Her debut was the same year, and Hegerberg made headlines at UEFA Women's EURO 2013/#39, where Norway finished second in Spain's quarter-final defeat.

• Hegerberg was nominated for the Young Player Award at the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup, and became the joint top scorer with ten goals in UEFA Women's EURO 2017 qualifiers. Currently not available for the national team.

Kolbotn, Stabaek, Turbine Potsdam
• After making his first Kolbotn debut at the age of 15 in 2010, he made headlines the following year as the youngest ever hat-tricker in Norway's best dvision, taking just seven minutes to go three against Røa&#39. The champions have only been defeated 18 times in 22 matches.

• As Kolbotn&#39's top scorer in 2011, Hegerberg joined Stabæk&#39 and helped the Norwegian Cup's success by scoring a final hat-trick against Røa&#39. He became the league's top scorer with 25 goals.

• This success gave Hegerberg a move to Turbine Potsdam in Germany and #39, scoring a goal against Freiburg in their first match in the Frauen Bundesliga and #39.

Watch all Hegerberg's goals in Lyon's 2015/16 winning run

Watch all Hegerberg's goals in Lyon&#39's 2015/16 winning run

• Lyon took Hegerberg to France in the summer of 2014 and became the league's top scorer in his first season, scoring 26 goals in 22 matches for the champions.

• The 2015/16 campaign was even more successful; Lyon not only won three-pointers in the UEFA Women's Champions League, French League and French Cup, but Hegerberg scored 54 goals, including 13-#39 leading in Europe, and cleared the goal against Wolfsburg in the final.

• Hegerberg was named UEFA's Europe's best women's player for 2015/16, and in the 2016 calendar year, he scored more goals than anyone else in UEFA competitions, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo.

• Another trio followed the 2016/17 season, in which Hegerberg was selected as BBC Female Footballer of the Year.

• Last season, Hegerberg had another great fight with 53 goals, including a record 15 in the UEFA Women's Champions League (when he was in the top ten of the all-time top scorers list at the age of 22), Lyon won three. One line.

• She extended her contract until 2021 and was already close to 20 goals for the season when she received the first female Ballon d'Or award in December 2018.

• 2018/19 ended with another trio and a hat-trick against Barcelona in the UEFA Women's Champions League final, something that had only been achieved once before (by Inka Grings for Duisburg in 2009&#39).

• The following season, she took the field with at least nine goals in her first four European matches, beating Anja Mittag&#39's competitive record of 51&#39.

• An ACL injury in January 2020 followed by knee surgery in September ruled him out for the remainder of that year, but ended when he signed a new Lyon contract until 2024.

What you may not know
• In January 2016, Hegerberg became the second woman to win the Golden Ball as Norway's best player. The previous female winner was Hege Riise, after Norway won the 1995 FIFA Women's World Cup.

Ada (right) with Andrine in 2011

Ada (right) with Andrine in 2011' © Sportsfile

• Hegerberg's older sister Andrine played with Kolbotn, Stabæk and Potsdam with Ada at Norway&#39, as well as junior and senior level. They faced off for the first time last month, when Andrine&#39 joined Paris Saint-Germain&#39, with Lyon playing a league game of 0-0&#39, losing a French Cup final 1-0&#39 interrupted by the rain.

• Jokingly, Stabæk's website once featured the couple's hilarious Norwegian rocker 'Bare' He wrote that Egil Hegerberg&#39 had daughters. Many were let in, and when they were rife with gossip, @BareEgilBand tweeted: "There are few things more painful than being rejected by your own children."

• Hegerberg says: "I love books. To be honest, I read a lot. I have Norwegian favourites, but I read everything from biographies to novels."

• Hegerberg comes from a family of Leeds United fans and when they were promoted back to the Premier League in July 2020&#39, he tweeted: “We (as did my mom, Andy and myself) have been through this pain for 16 years Congratulations @LUFC and all the supporters!!

What is he saying
"I've been working on the little details since I was very young. I think it takes you a long way, hard work and commitment, doing your best every day, working on the little things, and I think my season is so far away as a result of that."

"Honestly, I didn't watch that many women's football when I was younger. My favorite team is Arsenal and I always loved watching Thierry Henry&#39 in the prime of his career. I think he was the best player in the world. His movement, his finish, and finally, I always wanted to score. its hunger – pure class.”

"I've improved a lot since I came to Lyon two years ago. Coming here with all these world-class players really pushed me. It's easy to say that a club like Olympique Lyonnais can go and get a title. But there's a lot of work behind it every day in training, mentally and physically. . "

"It's a pleasure to go to work every day and do what you love most."

Hegerberg celebrates her goal in the 2018 final

Hegerberg celebrates his 2018 final goal © Getty Images

[After his serious injury in January 2020'] “This is a setback for me, but I will get through it with all my heart and energy. The best is yet to come. SEE YOU SOON! "

"I can see the impact all my success with Lyon has had on young boys as well as young girls in Norway. I think it's a huge game changer."

[After extending his Lyon contract in December 2020] "In my heart, this is my club. I wanted to extend my contract from the beginning because there was no doubt in my mind. OL has always been the number one option. Peace of mind to come back even stronger now."

What can it do yet
• Hegerberg tops the list of all-time UEFA Women's Champions League goalscorers, reaching 50 European goals faster than any other woman or man. In the men's competition, it seems likely that he will establish a leadership similar to the one held by Cristiano Ronaldo with an unattainable century.

• He became part of the Lyon side that won their fourth consecutive European title, striking in the finals against Wolfsburg&#39 in both the 2015/16 and 2017/18 seasons and topping the season's top scorer list. Barcelona. There's still plenty of time to add more, even if another personal victory in August 2020#39 was thwarted by his injury.

• The top three winners of the UEFA Europe's Best Actress Award – German trio Nadine Angerer, Nadine Kessler and Célia Šašić – all immediately retired (due to injury in Kessler&#39's case). The fourth winner, Hegerberg, seems unlikely to add to his tally despite losing to Pernille Harder and Lucy Bronze in the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons and being injury-free last season.

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