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How smart is Haaland?

Erling Braut Haaland scored ten UEFA Champions League goals last season. What new wonders will he perform in 2020/21 after scoring his first international hat-trick for Norway?

what do they say

Haaland: All of his Nations League goals

Haaland: All League of Nations goals

“He has tremendous potential and still has a lot of time. If he continues to work hard, he will reach the top level.”
Robert Lewandowski, Bayern forward

“He has so many talents. A great man with an excellent mindset. No matter what style of football you play, he will always score a lot of goals. He's that strong and has technique and speed."
Jesse Marsch, Salzburg manager

"He's crazy crazy, but that's what makes him so good."
Maxmilian Wöber, Salzburg defender

“Erling was very lucky with good coaches and teammates. He's still learning. He likes to score goals but has also improved a lot in game development. This is not a specific moment, a lot of hard work from it and also having a career plan with clubs where young players will get a chance to play. ”
Alf-Inge Haaland, father and former Norwegian midfielder

Jesse Marsch gives Haaland some encouragement at Salzburg

Jesse Marsch, Salzburg getty Giving Haaland some encouragement in Images

“He's a cool guy who knows what he's about. Erling is very professional. I'm always one of the first at the training center, but there earlier. He also comes to the training center on holidays. He knows what it is. important and good for him. ”
Roman Bürki, Dortmund goalkeeper

“He plays like he's training. He's cool when he's in front of the goal. His professional demeanor and positivity is something we really enjoy and need on the field. No matter how involved he will always score. in a match. ”
Marco Reus, Dortmund striker and captain

current scoreboard

International : 6 games, 6 goals
UEFA club competition : 14 matches, 14 goals
local top league : 73 matches, 48 goals

Claims to fame


Haaland on the rise at Bryne

Haland, Bryne at etty Images on the rise

• He first joined his local club at the age of five and immediately moved up in the age categories. His coach Alf Ingve Berntsen recalled: “His first two touches resulted in goals. It was very, very good from the very first moment.”

• He impresses his coaches by coming to play on Bryne's all-weather field on the weekends and has also shown a commitment to casual games as well as national youth teams. “He was never afraid,” Berntsen said. “He always had respect for his opponents, he never cared who they were.”


• Moved to Molde, where his coach is Ole Gunnar Solskjær. On 1 July 2018, he scored four goals in the first 21 minutes of the win against Norwegian league leaders Brann. “He definitely has the potential to be the best striker,” said Solskjær. Said.

• He scored 12 points in 25 games in his second season at Molde. Solskjær compared him to Romelu Lukaku and added: “There's a lot of interest in him. We got offers from good clubs but we turned them down. ”

• Signed for Salzburg, who wanted to continue playing first-team football, despite interest from high-profile parties. If used sparingly in the 2018/19 campaign, Haaland took his chances when he landed a starter under Jesse Marsch in the 2019/20 season, given clubmate Munas Dabbur's terrific scoring form.

Watch Haaland's Salzburg hat-trick

Watch Haaland's Salzburg hat-trick

• He was an instant UEFA Champions League sensation, scoring a hat-trick against Club Brugge in his debut match and registering for his next four matches, becoming the first youth to score in five consecutive games in Europe's best club competition.

• His Champions League hat-trick was one of five threes he scored for Salzburg that autumn. “I have five hat-trick balls in my bed and I sleep well with them,” he joked. “They are my girlfriends.”

• His form was so unusual that he bought the Dortmund contract in the winter. Christoph Freund, CEO of Salzburg, said: “Losing Erling was neither our plan nor our desire; but his development between July and December 2019 was unpredictably extraordinary and spectacular.”

• He was on the verge of leaving Austria when he was named the country's 2019 Player of the Year. “The youngest and first ever to have flown abroad in ten years – this is something special,” he said. “It is an honor for me.”

• He left the bench to score a hat-trick in his Bundesliga debut on 18 January 2020, his side won 5-3 in Augsburg and scored eight goals in four matches for his new club.

Watch Haaland highlights and hear from Dortmund's man of the match

Watch Haaland's highlights and hear from Dortmund's man of the match

• He hit Paris twice in the Champions League round of 16, raising his final score to ten goals for this European campaign. Only Robert Lewandowski surpassed him in the 2019/20 competition with 15.

• Won the golden shoe in the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup, although his team did not advance beyond the group stage; Lublin plundered nine goals in a 12-0 win over Honduras in Poland. “I should have gotten ten points,” he said. “It's a shame, but I'm happy with the nine in the end.” His debut in the national team took place a few months later, in September 2019.

• On 11 October 2020, he scored the first international hat-trick in Romania's 4-0 UEFA Nations League execution. “I should have scored five or six goals today,” he stressed.

What you may not know

Alf Inge Haaland with Leeds in 2000

2000 with Alf Inge Haaland, Leeds Getty Images

• Haaland was born in England when his father, Alf-Inge Haaland was playing for Leeds, but moved to Norway at age three when injury forced the midfielder to retire. At the age of 17 he counted himself as a Leeds fan and told a Norwegian interviewer that his passion was to “win the Premier League with Leeds”.

• His mother was also quite sporty; Gry Marita Braut was a pentathlete.

• Norwegian youth coach Gunnar Halle thought Haaland was too weak to make it. Halle thinks she had grown a lot mentally before this growth spurt gave her an extra presence: “She had to learn to read a play back then.”

• He said he would love to meet Cristiano Ronaldo: “I would like to meet him and say that I am a football player thanks to him. He was always a model for me.”

• He was also a big fan of former Swansea City forward Michu; While playing for Bryne, Haaland tagged himself as Michu in Instagram photos and paid homage to the Spaniards in a more recent Twitter post.

• He keeps the Champions League anthem as his alarm tone – “I wake up every day, this is the last song I get tired of” – and posted an Instagram video of him listening to it in his car on the eve of a game.

What is he saying

“The media attention is huge. This is good print. The club is good at protecting me a bit, but hopefully it will protect me more in the future. It will be difficult, but we will try. I want to be shielded. ”

“I am a very relaxed person who loves football. I love my family and spend a lot of time with them and right now my life is about training, performing and having fun. That's it."

Haaland in the tunnel at Dortmund

In the tunnel in Haaland Dortmund © Getty Images

What can it do yet

• Healing his father. Haaland once said: “The goal is to be a better actor than my father. I hope he plays more international matches than he does.” Haaland Sr. won 34 matches.

• Be Norway's top scorer – Jørgen Juve has had this honor with 33 goals since 1933. Haaland could also aim to become Norway's leading UEFA competitive shooter - currently Harald Brattbakk tops that ranking with 31 points (including 21 in the Champions League).

• Help Norway reach a grand final tournament; On 8 October, they lost to Serbia in the UEFA EURO 2020 play-off half. Norway has not won the World Cup since 1998 or a EURO since 2000.

• Become Scandinavia's all-time star player. While Henrik Larsson is Scandinavia's top UEFA club competition goalscorer with 59 goals, Haaland is a die-hard fan of Zlatan Ibrahimović and hopes to eclipse his totals: 57 UEFA club competition goals and 62 for Sweden. He's from Scandinavia, so someone has to take over from him.”

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