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Messi vs Ronaldo goal

Messi vs Ronaldo Goal

Messi vs Ronaldo Goal

It is one of the best subplots in the UEFA Champions League: Lionel Messi is at the top of the all-time leaderboards against Cristiano Ronaldo.

The couple finished 2014/15 with 77 goals but Ronaldo has since withdrew. The Juventus star is leading 130-117 in UEFA Champions League goals. In all UEFA club competitions the score is 133-120 in favor of the Portuguese striker. has listed Messi and Ronaldo's UEFA Champions League goals since they first scored at this level – citing some notable stats among the numbers.

  • Ronaldo became the first person to score 100 goals with a single club, reaching Real Madrid on 14 February 2018; Messi completes century for all Barcelona, exactly one month later
  • He was on the losing side only three times when Messi scored
  • 2017/18 was the seventh season in which Ronaldo scored ten or more goals in the UEFA Champions League.
  • Messi has even scored with Karim Benzema and Ryan Giggs in 16 UEFA Champions League seasons.
  • Ronaldo scored two or more goals in 35 different situations
  • Each scored eight hat-tricks
  • Ronaldo failed to score until his 30th match in the competition
  • Ronaldo is the first player to score 50 knockout goals and has now passed 60
  • Ronaldo is the only player to score in three UEFA Champions League finals
  • Ronaldo is the only player to score in 11 consecutive matches in the competition
  • Ronaldo's ten goals against his current club Juventus are more than anyone has scored against a single opponent.
  • Messi leads Ronaldo 70-63 in all-time group stage goals
  • Ronaldo reached 100 in 144 matches; 123

Messi and Ronaldo's goal record

Goals in the UEFA Champions League, from the group stage to the final. All of Messi's goals came for Barcelona; Ronaldo has scored for Manchester United (1-15), Real Madrid (16-120) and Juventus (121-).

All stats are from group stage to final stage.

Please note that the player's club always ranks first on the scorecards, even if they are away from home.

Other UEFA club competition goals:
Messi : Porto 2-0 (n), 26/08/2011, UEFA Super Cup; v Sevilla 5-4aet x 2 (n), 11/08/2015, UEFA Super Cup

Ronaldo : Debrecen 3-0 (h) 09/08/05, UEFA Champions League third qualifying round; Sevilla 2-0 x 2 (n), 12/08/2014, UEFA Super Cup

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