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Nations League finals: lowdown

international league finals: lowdown

What is this?

The final stage of the second edition of UEFA&#39's newest national team competition, featuring the four group winners of the top-ranked A League&#39 in October 2021&#39, cemented the first championship in 2019&#39 at home.

Who is included?


Meet the Nations League finalists

When are the finals?

2019 final highlights: Portugal 1-0 Netherlands

Highlights in the 2019 final: Portugal 1-0 Netherlands

An open draw (non-seeded) will be held on Thursday, December 3 to determine the semi-final pairings. Times and locations will be confirmed.

6 October: Semi-final 1
7 October: 2nd semi-final
10 October: Third place match
October 10: Final

Where are the finals?

Three associations with teams in Group A1&#39 have announced their interest in hosting the tournament: Italy, the Netherlands and Poland. In principle, the winner of this group (Italy) will host the finals.

The official appointment of the hosts will be confirmed at the UEFA Executive Committee meeting on 3 December, after which the semi-final and final pairings will be drawn.

What is the final format?

  • Semi-final winners advance to the final; The defeated teams take the third place in the match.
  • For the semi-finals and the final, there is extra time if the points are equal at the end of regular time. If scores are still tied after the additional 30 minutes, it goes to a penalty shootout.
  • There is no extra time for the third place match. If the points are tied after the end of regular time, it goes to a penalty shootout.
The story behind the UEFA Nations League trophy

The story behind the UEFA Nations League trophy

What does the winner get?

First and foremost, this attractive 71cm tall sterling silver mug.

Is this linked to the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers?

To make room in October 2021&#39, the four UEFA Nations League finalists will be drawn into a five-team group for qualifying (rather than a six-team group).

2022 World Cup qualification

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