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play-offs's starts on friday

  • The FIFA Futsal World Cup play-offs will decide Europe's final two finals in Lithuania.
  • The four competitors took second place in the elite round after the winners Kazakhstan, Portugal, Russia and Spain, which hosted the finals from September 12 to October 3, 2021/#39 (postponed from 2020/#39).


Serbia v Finland: 6 and 10 November

  • Serbia has previously reached the World Cup in 2012&#39.
  • Finland has never had a major tournament, but coach Mićo Martić played against Croatia in the World Cup&#39 and EURO&#39). This is also Finland's first play-off' Italy and Portugal kept #39 in the elite round and knocked out Azzurri&#39.
  • Serbia has won all four of its competitive talks with Finland.

Croatia – Czech Republic: 7 and 10 November

  • Croatia had previously reached the World Cup by beating the Czechs 7-6 in the decisive qualifier at Karlovac in 2000. Needing a win, Croatia was ahead 1-0 at the half, but was behind 4-2 with 13 minutes left.
  • The Czech Republic is aiming to reach the finals for the fourth time in five competitions that were missing in 2016&#39.
  • Croatia eliminated Czech Republic from UEFA Futsal EURO 2012 and 2014&#39 in the group stage; With a 5-4 win in Split in 2012-#39, and a 3-3 draw in Antwerp in 2014-#39, it was guaranteed by their goalkeeper Matija Capar, who flew in the 39th minute.

All qualifiers so far

AFC: 5 tbs
CAF: Angola (first), Egypt, Morocco
CONMEBOL: Argentina (owners), Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela (debut)
OFC: Solomon Islands
UEFA: Kazakhstan, Lithuania (home, first leg), Portugal, Russia, Spain, 2 tbc (play-off winner)

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