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Russia v Turkey match

The football feast continues!

russia turkey match
Russia-Turkey match will be played on Sunday, October 11

Russia - Turkey match will be played on Sunday, October 11 at 21:45 in the UEFA Nations League. In the UEFA Nations League, our National Football Team is visiting Russia in the match. Our National Team is on the field. Unfortunately, our National Team, which could not start the UEFA Nations League as it wanted, received 1 defeat and 1 loss in 2 matches. Our country, which wants to make up for the loss of points in the UEFA Nations League, will face Russia in the third match of the UEFA Nations League.

When and where will the Russia-Turkey match be?

Turkey will play the UEFA Nations League match against Russia in Moscow, the capital of Russia, on October 11 at 21:45. In which bookmaker are bets placed on the Russia-Turkey match? Mostbet betting site you can do this easily. The 3rd week match of the UEFA Nations League, in which our National Team will play against Russia, will be broadcast live by TRT 1 channel.

The new schedule of the group matches to be held in the 2020-2021 UEFA Nations League has been announced. Turkey will fight in the same group with Russia for the second time. According to the statement made by UEFA, the crescent-stars matched with Russia, Hungary and Serbia in the 3rd Group of the B League will play their first match on 3 September and their last match on 18 November.

The schedule of the group matches that the national team will play in the UEFA Nations League in 2020 is as follows:

11 October: Russia-Turkey

14 October: Turkey-Serbia

November 15: Turkey-Russia

18 November: Hungary-Turkey.

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