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Technical report basic statistics

technical report technical report basic statistics

The 2019/20 UEFA Champions League whitepaper has been released and read it now.

Read the 2019/20 Champions League whitepaper

UEFA's panel of experts examines every aspect of the competition, including how goals are scored, tactical trends and in-depth analysis of 32 competitors. We select only ten of the many ingots found on 108 pages.


He had 308 group stage goals in Group B, including 53 involving Bayern, Tottenham, Olympiacos and Crvena zvezda. The overall season average of 3.24 goals per game was also a new best for the current competition format.

Top ten goals of the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League season

Top ten goals of the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League season


In the second leg of the round of 16, Atlético announced the 70th most distance in a single match against Liverpool and eliminated the players in overtime.


Bayern have scored in the first 15 minutes in five of their 11 games. Meanwhile, the last opponent Paris scored eight of the 25 goals in the 79th minute or later.

% 69.6

The first team to score won % 69.6 of the matches; The side that took the first hit lost only % 13.9 of these games.

2019/20 Season Roster


There were only four 0-0 draws: the least draw since 1998/99, the last season before the group stage went from 24 teams to 32 teams, and one had 85 games compared to 119 in the 2019/20 season.

% 47.6

Youth sensation Erling Braut Haaland from Salzburg and Borussia Dortmund scored ten goals and transformed 47.6 of his 21 shots%. He scored every 55.4 minutes, better than Robert Lewandowski's 59.1 top 15 goals overall.


Nine clubs, including the finalists Bayern and Paris, did not give up on a corner. Additionally, he was the top scorer in three, along with Bayern, Atlético and Chelsea.


Ajax goalkeeper André Onana took first place for goals blocked in the second year running (xG hit goal compared to real goals conceded). Onana's % 82 savings percentage was also the highest.

Watch the best 2019/20 group stage goals

Watch the best 2019/20 group stage goals


Tottenham held the ball for 74 seconds during a 27-pass move that led to Christian Eriksen's goal against Crvena zvezda. On average, each goal came after 13.1 seconds of possession and 4.24 passes, both from previous seasons.

% 80.1

Manchester City had % 80.1 odds in a 2-0 win over Dinamo Zagreb, the highest in any of their 119 games. Pep Guardiola's former club Bayern had more balls in ten of 11 games – the exception? This came with an 8-2 shot by one of Guardiola's former teams, Barcelona (% 49.3).

33.98 km/h

Paris striker Kylian Mbappé made the fastest sprint of the competition, reaching a top speed of 33.98 km/h against Bayern in the 73rd minute of the final. Slavia also struggled: Peter Olayinka was the only player to average more than 60 sprints per game (the next two on the list were Slavia players), with clubmates Petr Ševčík (13.47 km) and Tomáš Souček (12.48 km) taking up more per game than anyone else in the competition average distance.

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