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Tour 16 guides

tour 16 guide

The 16th round of the UEFA Futsal Champions League&#39 will be played between 18 – 20 February.

The winners of the one-legged tie will participate in the eight-team qualifying finals at Minsk Arena from April 28 to May 3. All UEFA futsal matches must be played behind closed doors until further notice.

last 16 draws

Thursday, February 18
Aktobe – Dobovec

Friday, February 19
Inter FS vs Kherson
Barça – ACCS Asnières Villeneuve 92

Saturday, February 20
Ugra Yugorsk – Vytis
Kairat Almaty – United Galati
Sporting CP and Chrudim
Benfica – Berettyóújfalu
Olmissum and KPRF

2018 semi-final: Ortiz double defeats Barça

2018 semi-final: Ortiz double defeats Barça&#39

  • Barça became the second champion only three times last season.
  • Other former champions Sporting CP, Kairat Almaty, Benfica and Ugra also joined the five-time winner Inter&#39.
  • Inter beat Kherson #39 3-0 in the 2018/19 main round
  • Sporting beat Chrudim&#39 3-2 in the 2004/05 first qualifying round, but stayed ten seconds in the final, which was 4-4 in the 2010/11 elite round final in Czech side Odivelas&#39.
  • ACCS&#39 features former Inter players Ricardinho and Ortiz and coach Jesús Velasco. All three took the bronze medal in Almaty, when Inter beat Barça 2-1 with two Ortiz goals in the 2018 semi-finals in Zaragoza and Blaugrana's 3-1 victory over #39 a year later.
  • Kairat is in a record 17th campaign.
  • KPRF won the bronze medal for the first time in the 2019/20 season.
  • Olmissum, United Galati and ACCS debut.
  • Aktobe became the other team for the first time in the last 16' missing the elite round for the first time last season.
  • Started in the preliminary round: Kherson, Chrudim, Vytis, Olmissum, Berettyóújfalu, United Galati, ACCS.
  • No teams from Slovenia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania or France made it to the UEFA futsal club final tournament, while no Croatian team has competed in a four-team event, but MNK Split has competed in the previous eight-team event in Lisbon. 2001/02 (first UEFA Futsal Cup season), coming to the semi-finals.

Final match system

Quarterfinals 1: Team 1st vs 8th Team
Quarterfinals 2: Team 2nd, Team 7th
Quarterfinals 3: Team 3rd and 6th Team
Quarterfinals 4: Team 4th, Team 5th

Semifinal 1: First quarter final 1 vs Winner quarterfinal 4
Semifinal 2: Winner quarterfinal 2 vs Winner quarterfinal 3

Final: First semi-final 1 vs #39 Winner semi-final 2

coefficient ranking  
Barça (ESP, owners) 69,001
Inter FS (ESP) 60,667
Sporting CP (POR) 57,999
Kairat Almaty (KAZ) 35,667
Benfica (POR) 33.332
KPRF (RUS) 24,000
Ugra Yugorsk (RUS) 20,333
Aktobe (KAZ) 16,000
Dobovec (SVN) 14.501
Kherson (UKR) 14,000
Chrudim (CZE) 10,333
Vytis (LTU) 7,749
Olmissum (CRO) 6,834
Berettyóújfalu (HUN) 6,500
United Galatia (ROU) 3,667
ACCS Asnières Villeneuve 92 (FRA) 2,084

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