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u19 euros New Nations League format for

u19 euros

The UEFA European Under-19 Championship will restart with a new structure featuring UEFA Nations League-style groups in a two-season cycle.

The 2023/24 season will instead be the 2022-24 competition, ending with an eight-team final tournament, as in the previous format. Players will start competing while in the U18 category, so they will be in the U19 category until the date of the final tournament (for 2022-24, players born after January 1, 2005').

The decision to test the new structure was made by the UEFA Executive Committee on 29 May 2019&#39 and if successful the system can be applied to U17 EURO&#39.

The original plan for the new format of the edition, ending in the summer of 2022, has been delayed. As a result, according to the current system, there will be 2021/22 and 2022/23 UEFA European Under-19 Championships.

How the build works

competition tours

  • Qualifying phase: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds
  • Final tournament: 8 teams, 1 home team, 7 eliminations

Elimination stage

  • All matches are played as single-court mini-tournaments of four or three teams, with the home team assigned after each draw.
  • All participants, including the final host, will be divided into three leagues (A, B and C) according to the U19 coefficient ranking.

Which league plays in which qualifying round?
League A plays all four rounds
League B played three rounds
League C played two rounds

How many teams are in each league?
League A: 20 teams (5 groups of 4 teams)
League B: 16 teams (4 groups of 4 teams)
League C: up to 19 teams (groups of 4 or 3 teams depending on entry level)

  • As in the UEFA Nations League, teams from each league will be divided into groups before each round.

Round 1 and 2 (Leagues A, B and C):


  • League B&#39 to A&#39: four group winners plus second best
  • League C&#39 to B&#39: all group winners and runners-up depending on the number of entries


  • League A&#39 to B&#39: Five teams finished fourth in their respective groups
  • League B&#39 to C&#39: four teams that finished fourth in their respective groups plus the lowest-ranked third-placed teams

After the 2nd round, the teams in League C&#39 no longer play a role, while the final hosts do not play any other role until the final tournament.

If the final hosts are in League A or B&#39 after round 2, an additional team from Leagues B or C will be promoted to replace them, respectively.

Round 3 (Leagues A and B):


  • League B&#39 to A&#39: four group winners plus second best


  • League A&#39 to B&#39: Five teams finished fourth in their respective groups

After the 3rd round, teams in League B&#39 no longer play a role.

Round 4 (League A only):

Qualification for the final tournament

  • Five group winners and two best runners-ups join the hosts in the final tournament.

Final tournament:

  • Currently, the teams are split into two groups of four, with the top two groups each advancing to the semi-finals. U19 EURO final tournaments in even-numbered years are qualifiers for the following year's FIFA U-20 World Cup (ie 2024 U19 EURO will lead to the 2025 U-20 World Cup&#39, whatever the format).
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