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U21 EURO: Everything you need to know

u21 euro: everything you need to know

Who qualified?

Hungary (host)
Slovenia (host)
Croatia (4th Group runner-up)
Czech Republic (4th Group winners)
Denmark (Group 8 winners)
England (Group 3 winners)
France (Group 2 winners)
Germany (Group 9 winners)
Italy (1st Group winners)
Netherlands (Group 7 winners)
Portugal (Group 7 runner-up)
Romania (8th Group runner-up)
Russia (Group 5 winners)
Spain (Group 6 winners, owners)
Switzerland (2nd Group runner-up)

Another set to be confirmed

When is the draw?

The final tournament draw will be held on Thursday, December 10 in Nyon, Switzerland. The draw will divide 16 teams into groups of four (A, B, C, D). Co-host Hungary will be placed as 1st team in Group A&#39, while Slovenia will be placed in 1st team Group B. Other teams will be ranked according to their UEFA coefficient rankings at the end of qualifying.

When is the final tournament?

2019 final highlights: Spain 2-1 Germany

Highlights in the 2019 final: Spain 2-1 Germany

2021 U21 EURO has a unique format and schedule, with the group stage and qualifying stage separately. The group stage will run from March 24 to March 31, 2021, with group winners and runners-up going through the eight-team qualifying stage from May 31 to June 6, 2021.

Where is it played?

The tournament will be staged by Hungary and Slovenia, with the final to be held in Ljubljana on 6 June 2021&#39.

What is format?

The four sides in each group face off in a round-robin format and the group winners and runner-up advance to the quarterfinals. Then there is the elimination competition. Full disclosure can be found in the regulations.

Who are the final winners?

2019: Spain
2017: Germany
2015: Sweden
2013: Spain
2011: Spain

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