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Who has qualified so far?

who has qualified who has qualified so far?

A record 47 teams have started the UEFA Women's EURO qualifiers, but only 15 teams will compete against the host England in the finals to be held between 6 – 31 July 2022. See who's done it so far.

Qualified so far

England (hosts), Germany, Netherlands (owners)

How does attribution work?

  • Group winners and get the best place against the first, third, fourth and fifth sides in their division the one who three second , in the final tournament host to England will attend.
  • The other six second team for the remaining three beds in the 16-team finals will play in april .
2017 quarter-final highlights: England 1-0 France

Quarterfinal goals of 2017: England 1-0 France


How did they qualify : Homeowners

EURO best for women : Second (1984, 2009)

Women EURO 2017 : Semi-finals

key truth : Sarina Wiegman, who led the Netherlands to victory in 2017 and qualified for this tournament, will take over from Phil Neville as England coach in September 2021.

Germany's dominance: Goals from 1997-2013

German domination: Goals for 1997-2013


How did they qualify : Group I winners

Women's EURO best : Winners x 8 (1989, 1991, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013)

Women EURO 2017 : Quarterfinals

key truth : Their 18-year title was ended by Denmark in the quarterfinals of 2017.

2017 final highlights: Netherlands 4-2 Denmark

Highlights of the 2017 final: Netherlands 4-2 Denmark


How did they qualify : Group A winners

EURO best for women : Winners (2017)

Women EURO 2017 : Winners

key truth : Prior to 2017, they had not reached a grand final when they won at home and then rushed to the United States at the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.

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